Refund and Return Policy

Trusted Bullets, a genuine and trusted online ammunition shop, takes pride in providing top-quality ammunition worldwide with discreet delivery. Along with their commitment to customer satisfaction, they have established a comprehensive refund and return policy to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the purchasing process.

Time Limit

Trusted Bullets understands the importance of addressing refund or return requests promptly. Customers are encouraged to request a refund or return within 30 days of receiving their ammunition. This timeframe allows sufficient opportunity for customers to assess their purchase and contact Trusted Bullets if needed.

Damaged or Defective Ammunition

Trusted Bullets acknowledges that issues may occur during the shipping process, which can result in damaged or defective ammunition. If a customer receives ammunition in such conditions, they are advised to contact Trusted Bullets immediately. The company is committed to resolving these situations promptly and will provide instructions on the next steps to take.

Refund Process

Trusted Bullets offers a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, Zelle, CashApp, and PayPal. The refund process is designed to accommodate customers who have made payments through these channels. When a refund is requested, Trusted Bullets will work closely with the customer to determine the most appropriate method for returning the funds. This ensures a smooth and efficient refund process for all parties involved.

Return Label

To simplify the return process, Trusted Bullets provides a prepaid return label for eligible returns. This label allows customers to send back their purchased ammunition without incurring additional shipping costs. By offering this convenience, Trusted Bullets aims to make the return process as hassle-free as possible for their customers.

Return Shipping

Trusted Bullets takes responsibility for the return shipping cost in situations where the return or refund is due to damaged or defective ammunition. Customers can rest assured that they will not incur any shipping expenses when returning items that fall under this category. However, it’s important to note that return shipping costs for reasons unrelated to damage or defect may be the responsibility of the customer.

Conditions for Returning Ammunition

Trusted Bullets has specific conditions in place for returning ammunition. To be eligible for a refund or return, the ammunition must be unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition as when it was received. Customers are advised to carefully inspect the ammunition upon delivery and contact Trusted Bullets promptly if they wish to return it.

Packaging Requirements

Trusted Bullets emphasizes the importance of proper packaging for returned ammunition. To ensure the safe return of the product, customers are expected to adhere to specific packaging requirements. This typically involves securely packaging the ammunition in its original box or a similar suitable container, using appropriate cushioning materials to prevent any damage during transit.

International Returns

While Trusted Bullets aims to provide worldwide service, there may be restrictions on returning ammunition for international customers due to varying laws and regulations. Customers residing outside the United States and Canada are advised to familiarize themselves with their local regulations regarding the shipment and return of ammunition.

Additional Fees

Trusted Bullets strives to maintain transparency and customer satisfaction throughout the refund and return process. They do not impose any additional fees on customers for returning ammunition. However, customers should note that any associated shipping fees or import/export duties may still apply and are subject to the relevant laws and regulations of their respective countries.

Restocking Fee

Trusted Bullets does not impose a restocking fee on returned items. They understand that customers may need to explore different options or make changes to their purchase decisions. By waiving the restocking fee, Trusted Bullets ensures that customers have the flexibility to choose the ammunition that best suits their needs.


Trusted Bullets is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. While they do not offer direct exchanges for ammunition, they encourage customers to contact their support team if they wish to exchange a purchased item. Trusted Bullets will work closely with the customer to find a satisfactory solution, which may involve initiating a return and placing a new order for the desired ammunition.

Change of Mind

Trusted Bullets understands that customers’ preferences or circumstances may change after a purchase. While they do not generally accept returns for ammunition due to a change of mind, they encourage customers to contact their support team if they have concerns or need assistance. Trusted Bullets strives to provide helpful guidance and explore alternative solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Order Cancellation

Customers have the option to cancel an order and receive a refund before it is shipped. To initiate an order cancellation, customers should promptly contact Trusted Bullets’ customer support. The support team will guide customers through the cancellation process and ensure a refund is processed efficiently.

Refund Processing Time

Trusted Bullets understands the importance of timely refunds. Once a refund request is approved, the company aims to process the refund promptly. The specific processing time may vary depending on the payment method chosen and external factors, but Trusted Bullets strives to complete the refund process as quickly as possible.

Initiating a Refund/Return

To initiate a refund or return, customers can contact Trusted Bullets’ customer support team via email, phone, or through the dedicated customer support portal on their website. The support team will guide customers through the necessary steps and provide the required information to initiate the refund or return process smoothly.

Tracking Progress

Trusted Bullets acknowledges the importance of keeping customers informed about the progress of their refund or return. Customers can inquire about the status of their refund or return by contacting the customer support team. The support team will provide updates and relevant information to ensure transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.

Documentation Requirements

Trusted Bullets may require customers to provide documentation and evidence when requesting a refund or return. This documentation helps verify the details of the purchase and supports the resolution process. Customers should be prepared to provide relevant information, such as order details, purchase receipts, and any evidence related to the issue they encountered.

Product Guarantees

Trusted Bullets takes pride in the quality of their ammunition products. They strive to offer top-quality ammunition that meets the highest standards in the industry. While Trusted Bullets does not explicitly offer guarantees on their ammunition products, they stand behind the quality and reliability of the ammunition they sell.

Exceptions to Refunds/Returns

Trusted Bullets aims to accommodate reasonable refund and return requests. However, there may be circumstances where refunds or returns are not accepted. For example, refunds or returns may not be accepted for ammunition that has been used, modified, or damaged due to mishandling by the customer. Additionally, Trusted Bullets reserves the right to deny refunds or returns if there is evidence of misuse or non-compliance with their refund and return policy.

Domestic vs. International Customers

Trusted Bullets strives to provide consistent customer service to both domestic and international customers. While the core principles of their refund and return policy remain the same for all customers, there may be variations in shipping restrictions, import/export regulations, and local laws that can affect the return process for international customers. Trusted Bullets advises international customers to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations applicable in their country.

Customer Privacy

Trusted Bullets prioritizes customer privacy and confidentiality throughout the refund and return process. They employ secure and encrypted communication channels to ensure that sensitive customer information remains protected. Trusted Bullets adheres to industry best practices and relevant privacy regulations to safeguard customer data and maintain confidentiality.

Limitations on Refund/Return Requests

Trusted Bullets aims to provide a fair and accommodating refund and return policy. While there are no specific limitations on the number of times a customer can request a refund or return, the company reserves the right to assess each request on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that the policy is not exploited and allows Trusted Bullets to continue providing excellent service to all customers.

Wrong Ammunition Delivery

In the rare event that the wrong ammunition is delivered, Trusted Bullets takes full responsibility for the error. Customers are advised to contact the customer support team immediately to report the issue. Trusted Bullets will work diligently to rectify the situation and arrange for the correct ammunition to be delivered promptly.

Issue Resolution

If a customer encounters any issues with a refund or return request, Trusted Bullets encourages open communication and prompt contact with their customer support team. The dedicated support team is available to address concerns, provide guidance, and resolve any issues that may arise during the refund or return process. Customers can reach out via email, phone, or the customer support portal for timely assistance.

In conclusion, Trusted Bullets’ refund and return policy aims to provide customers with a seamless and satisfactory experience. By offering a generous time frame for requests, accommodating various payment methods, and ensuring transparency throughout the process, Trusted Bullets demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers can trust in the reliability of their ammunition and rely on Trusted Bullets to handle refunds and returns efficiently and professionally.